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Petite White Recycled Oyster Blessing Beads

Description: Gratitude is always the perfect accessory, and our Recycled Oyster Shell Blessing Beads remind you of all the pearls in your life. A display of gratitude is always a beautiful addition to any room, and we love these blessing beads coiled in a handmade sweetgrass basket, resting on the mantle, or draped from a doorknob. 

These welcome beads make the perfect homecoming present, a gift for newlyweds, or a celebratory token for new homeowners.


  • Handmade in Charleston, SC by Grit & Grace

  • Feature a recycled gilded oyster shell

  • Measures 11” in length with a gilded oyster that is approximately 2” by 3.5”

  • Made of wooden beads and recycled glass beads 

  • Garland colour is full white

In addition to reminding you to celebrate your blessings, our blessing beads and welcome beads are a gift that gives back: For every oyster sold, Grit & Grace Studio recycles 10 back to the shores of Charleston, SC.

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